Fear Not Mistakes

Fear not making mistakes For inside them are your greatest lessons. No need to avoid obstacles, For they¬† provide the daily practice, The Dress Rehearsal … so you will be ready for The Performance.   Above all… Welcome all Heartache and Accompanying painful (yet beautiful) Broken Hearts.. For it is Your Way (The Universes Way) … Continue reading

Back In The Loop…

So I’ve been really out of the loop both in music and marketing… and in life actually. But the best thing about removing yourself from all the craziness is that the you get time to reflect. Time to realize and appreciate all that life has to offer. Life is beautiful… Then the creative bug comes … Continue reading

Hello, World! …and Universe!

Hey All, Just setting up this wordpress blog thingy…. I know, this space looks pretty bare right now, but stay tuned.¬† I’m going to be adding a ton of wicked content for y’all! For now connect with me by subscribing to my email list or hit me up on the social media machines. I wouldn’t … Continue reading