Fear Not Mistakes

Fear not making mistakes

For inside them are your greatest lessons.

No need to avoid obstacles,

For they  provide the daily practice, The Dress Rehearsal

… so you will be ready for The Performance.


Above all… Welcome all Heartache and

Accompanying painful (yet beautiful) Broken Hearts..

For it is Your Way (The Universes Way) of opening

Yourself up Completely and honestly (this is why it hurts so much)

Giving you The Gift and Ability to Channel,

Give and Express (Your) LOVE.


You Are Always The Perfect Conduit for Cosmic, Universal and

Ubiquitous Love Energy to flow effortlessly through YOU.

You Are Human Becoming…



Welcome the Tears

For that is just

Your Soul washing

Away that which

Does not serve you

Any more…

Let Go and Walk On



The Universe (Through YOU)

~ aV.


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